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Many (mainly put-together and interlocking) puzzles are shown on this site. My PC is working to solve newly received puzzles using a set of special programs developed by myself. I have solved almost puzzles presented here with solutions (that may be wrong). However, many solutions are not shown on this site.
Solutions are like narcotics, you are encouraged to stay away.
Substaintial parts of the contents, particularly most of solutions are in Japanese. I express regret to those who cannot read Japanese to guess solutions from illustrations.

Copyright of the most puzzles shown here belong to the original creators or sellers of those puzzles.
Anyone can reproduce these puzzles for his/her own personal enjoyment, but it is unlawful to reproduce and/or sell any of these puzzles without permision of the owner of the copyright of each puzzle.
I have permissions of creators of each puzzle to show their desingers on this website for free public viewing.

The copyright and other related status of linked puzzles are as shown below.

  1. Puzzles without (or probably without) copyright protection or permission.
  2. Puzzles of my own design.
  3. Puzzles with copyright owner's (or copyrighter's) approval for public presentation (directly or indirectly). — I am thankful to all the designers that gave me permission willingly.
  4. Copyright owner unknown. If any viewer knows creator or seller of copyrighted puzzles of linked puzzles, please let me know his/her name and contact address.

The copyright status of unlinked puzzles are as follows.

  1. Those I have no permission to disclose the detail of the puzzle of this site.
  2. The permission process is in progress. Those in this category will be linked as soon as I receive the copyright owners permission.
  3. Though the creator is known to me, I have no clue to locate him/her.
  4. Puzzles of my own design.

Questions are welcome at me (ISHINO Keiichiro – k16@chiba.email.ne.jp) — however, I don't speak foreign languages well :-)

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