Holmes's Hexacube Kit

Design and Copyright : Kevin Holmes.

A6/89 B6/90 C6/91 D6/92 E6/93
F6/69 G6/85 H6/95 I6/101 J6/102

+ one of followings.

i4/1 l4/2 t4/3 o4/4 n4/5 x4/6 y4/7
Pieces 11
Selection complete
Goal 4×4×4
Holes 0
Solutions 0with i
10 (5)with l
0with t
6 (4)with o
0with n
0with x
9with y
A Compendium of Cube-Assembly Puzzles using Polycube Shapes

Nov 26, 2002 by k16@chiba.email.ne.jp